Providing construction companies with tools and systems to help them BUILD the business of their dreams through the 
5-step Business BUILDing Process.

Use the Business BUILDing Tools and Trainings to transform your construction company into your dream business!

As a construction company you need to... 

  • Be aware of the problems that happen in business
  • Understand those problems and how to fix them
  • Have ​Information about & Instruction of tools & systems that will help you solve those problems
  • ​Learn to use those tools & systems
  • ​Receive Delivery of the business of your DREAMS
Be aware of the problems

Do you operate a construction company and...

I know that feeling of being out of control...

feeling like I could work less and make more flipping burgers.

Understand how to fix the problems
Take control of your business with the 5-step Business BUILDing Process
I understand how overwhelming operating a construction business be. It's hard doing construction projects while trying to keep up with the paperwork.  I struggled with this early on in my business. Then I decided that I had had enough and developed systems and processes to make the business side easier to handle and the company more profitable. The 5-step Business BUILDing Process is what I developed over my 40 plus years in the industry and it's what helped me be able to build the construction company that I had always dreamed of. 

Mark Eastman
Luke 14:28 (ESV)
For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?

Information, Instruction & Implementation of tools & systems

You've Got Options

(Take control of your business with one of these Business BUILDing options)

TOOLBOX (self)

Digital Business Tools

Independent training
  • Templates, Instructions, Examples
  • ​For self-learners (Do It Yourself)
  • ​For businesses on a budget
Toolbox price - $297/yr or $37/month 

TRAINING (with us)

Priced per specific tool

1-on-1 or Group

Additional training
  • Includes complete Business BUILDing Toolbox
  • ​For increased & faster growth
  • Great price & community support

Group training - $197/month or $1,997/yr

1-on-1 trainings priced per specific tool

DONE FOR YOU (by us)

Individual offers will be priced per tool.

Systems Built for You

In-depth coaching & consulting
  • Includes everything from Toolbox & Training
  • ​For business system setup by us
  • Investing in company-wide systems

Pricing based on specific needs

Learn the tools & systems

Want Help Learning to Use the Tools in the Toolbox?

Pick the Business Plan that's right for you...

Say YES to BUILDing a Better Business with One of These Options

Get the Business BUILDing Toolbox

Purchase your downloadable Business BUILDing Toolbox program - complete with templates, instructions and examples

One-on-One or Group Training

Incorporate these systems into your business and begin streamlining your business processes

Business Tools Built For You

Take control of your business with resources that help you build the business of your dreams
What will it cost you to not have solid business systems in place?

- How much are unhappy customers costing you? 
- How much time is wasted on miscommunication? 
The unknown of "Guesstimates" can cost you a lot.

Investing in these Business BUILDing Tools and Trainings will give you the business systems you need to better serve your customers, while allowing you to be more profitable and BUILD YOUR DREAM BUSINESS.
  • Manage construction projects and paperwork
  • Get control of your business
  • Have consistently profitable projects
  • ​Provide clear direction for production crews
  • ​Have more satisfied customers
  • Avoid miscommunication​
Get the Business BUILDing Toolbox today, you may just find some of your new favorite tools.

Get the instruction you need to use these tools in your business with the Business BUILDing Tool Trainings.

Let us BUILD Your Business Tools For You to help your business thrive. 
  • Comprehensive Ready-To-Use Templates taking the guesswork out of paperwork
  • Fill-in-the-blank Bulletproof Worksheets
  • ​Data Base and Worksheets scalable for any size project
  • ​​Sample worksheets, proposals, contracts and much, much more. 
Get Started For Just $37 TODAY

Delivery of the Dream

BUILDing the Dream
At Solution Building we know how overwhelming it can be, trying to balance construction projects and run the business at the same time. No one ever told you that it would be this hard. You just want a successful construction company! 

For this to happen you need a business system. The problem is that most construction companies just guess at the business part. Guesswork is not a very good business plan.

That's where the 5-step Business BUILDing Process can help by...
          - Being aware of the problems that happen in business
          - Understanding those problems and how to fix them
          - Having the ​Information about & Instruction of systems & process that will help you solve those problems
          - ​Learning to use those systems & processes
​          - Receiving the Delivery of your DREAM business

You can BUILD the business of YOUR DREAMS using this plan. Get your Business BUILDing Toolbox and/or some Business BUILDing Tool Training to move your business toward the success that you've always dreamed of.

Stop rolling the dice with the success of your company and take control of your money and your business today.
If you’ve been looking for a way to work smarter not harder and be more profitable...having a Business BUILDing Process is a great place to start.
Get started BUILDing a successful business with the Business BUILDing Process today. Don’t wait any longer! Get started BUILDing that business that you’ve been DREAMING about.

The Business BUILDing Toolbox

Get the Business BUILDing Toolbox today, and you may just find some of your new favorite tools. End the headaches of bad business systems and instead have a system that helps your business thrive.
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